Alexandra Gravas

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My new CD -on the wings of love-


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L.Maxairitsas featuring A.Gravas

Μην τον ρωτάς τον ουρανό /Don't ask the SkyMegaron Park Festival,Athens 06.07.2013


tomos award cd

Blind TearsStephanidisFront CoverBlind Tears  -  Stephanidis


Alexandra sings Mikis Theodorakis





You gave us all endless happiness! Through your singing you opened up our hearts and souls! I wished that the beautiful evening you gave us had never ended!”



This is so beautifully sad, I loop it over and over, and my heart breaks deliciously, a shy tear accumulates in the corner of my eye but my mind won't let go, so it withdraws and remains a littlewound upon which walk every day..


Thank you dear Alexandra ! What a beautiful voice and wonderful music for relaxing !!!“


Amazing voice!”


“You give a new meaning to" Rebetico" Alexandra! I loved it!!!”


“In my 62 years I have not heard a more beautiful and melodic voice. Thank you!”


“Days of October 2004…We shall see again the shining eyes...The extraordinary voice, the Greek,...Let’s hear it again!”  

Pavlos & Regina

“Thank you very much Alexandra. I am a fan of your voice, but every time you surprise me. I know these songs but with you it is if it were the first time, every song becomes a small opera.”


Alexandra Gravas révéle avec sa voix la richesse des mélodies rébétiques comme Manos Hadjidakis l'a fait il y a 60 ans en écrivant Exi laykes Zographies pour le piano

Cette interprétation d'Alexandra nous mène aux racines les plus lointaines, les plus profondes et les plus mystérieuses de la musique grecque.”



“Ce sont les voix lyriques qui donnent à la musique populaire de Mikis Theodorakis toute sa dimension. L'interprétation d'Arnisi par alexandra Gravas est la plus sensible, la plus émouvante.”


“J'ai découvert ta voix avec Raven : magnifique, l'un des meilleurs disques de Theodorakis. Après j'ai trouvé des enregistrements sur you tube et je les ai mis sur facebook. J'ai une passion pour la musique grecque, je connais toute l'oeuvre de Theodorakis. J'aime beaucoup Hadjidakis, Xarhakos et le rembetiko, surtout Tsitsanis et Vamvakaris. Les voix lyriques sont nécessaires pour exprimer toute la richesse de ces chansons. J'ai apprécié particulièrement Lila Adamaki et Christophoros Stamboglis, mais aussi Kouloumbis, Paschalis, Sakkas Moutsios et Baltsa. je pense que les mezzo soprano et les barytons conviennent mieux.. Ta voix m'a ému car elle exprime tout l'amour que tu as pour cette musique. Tes interprétations de Tsitsanis sont merveilleuses. “


Bravo!! superbe voix!”



„Quelle voix .... des frissons!!! merveilleux Alexandra:)“



“Indeed she is one of those who carry the message of life!”



“Aleka, your voice emerges from the depths of the Earth and ascends to the clouds taking the feelings of the audience with it.”


“The mezzo-soprano voice has a tremendous advantage: it never makes the listener feel overwhelmed and tired like a soprano while maintaining the melodic elegance of the woman's voice. Yours is just incredible!”



“Extraordinary! Sygklonistiko! One of the best songs of contemporary Greek repertoire interpreted by one of the most expressive, earth-bound voices.”



“I hope I can be permitted another comment: this interpretation has the technical perfection of Callas and the emotional intensity of Mercouri “



“Your velvety deep and expressive voice appeals very much to me and with your new site one more reason to visit your wall more often.”


Alexandra Gravas is a consummate performer, with a gorgeous voice and a presence – a way of relating to the audience – that makes one remember why one wants to see concerts live.  I hope to see more of her on stage.”

David Konstan, Professor of Classics PhD