Alexandra Gravas

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My new CD -on the wings of love-


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L.Maxairitsas featuring A.Gravas

Μην τον ρωτάς τον ουρανό /Don't ask the SkyMegaron Park Festival,Athens 06.07.2013


tomos award cd

Blind TearsStephanidisFront CoverBlind Tears  -  Stephanidis


Alexandra sings Mikis Theodorakis






„… the unique color of your voice, your tremendous musical education as well as your perfect singing in German, English and your beautiful Greek…”

Mimis PlessasLegendary Greek Composer

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“I first met Alexandra Gravas when we did an event together at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, and I was greatly struck by the power and beauty of her singing. I believe that this power and beauty derives from her passionate love of the music that she sings. She is, of course, technically a marvellous singer, and she has enormous vitality and presence on the stage, but her greatest ability is that of singing straight from the heart so that her music resonates in the heart of the listener.She has a vast repertoire that spans everything from Schubert’s songs to Greek lullabies, and she sings all of it with a profound understanding that music is more than just constructed sound.

Alexandra knows that it is about communication, and so she dedicates herself to communicating with all of us, disdaining the barriers of language and culture that the world has unkindly strewn in our path, in the same way that a bird flies over tank traps and borders without even knowing that they are there.

When I listen to Alexandra, even when it is only at the dinner table, and she has just put her knife and fork down in order to demonstrate a little piece of a song, I have the feeling that music comes not from her, but through her from somewhere beyond. She is among those who have been picked out as one of life’s messengers.”

Louis de Bernières (“Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”)

„Still high on the performance last night (...) It was a pleasure to meet all of you last evening and to be so privileged - what a breathtaking
performance. The Gods really smiled upon you when you were born."


Nikki & Sperie Perakos


"First of all, let me thank you for a wonderful poetic, musical and theatrical evening in
which we not only played the role of audience but for a brief word or two as active
participants (at least those of us who were close enough for you to interact with

Howard Renensland & Kathleen Forbes

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"I wrote Shades of Love with a light and lyrical baritone voice very much in mind. But I slowly realized that the song cycle can also fit into the range of a mezzo-soprano, especially as the vocal lines demand wide leaps traversing between head, passaggio and chest voice. Alexandra's performance was extremely sensitive to both the musical intent and the text - her lines (in English) were clearly articulated and her voice perfectly suited to the dream world that I imaged in Cavafy's poetry."


David Gompper, Composer





"The recital was an excellent introduction for me to know C. F. Cavafy. I enjoyed your performance and I thank you for this wonderful concert."


Gandhi Drak


"Thank you for your performances which transported me in transcendent waves to remembered, unexplored, and unimagined pasts. Your choices of poems and composers struck deep. In some cases, Alexandra's rendition took us on an almost unbearable journey of heartbreaking loss. Thank you."

Susan Allen


"The program, "C.P. Cavafy and Music: An Evening of Songs and Reflections," is an absolutely enchanting and captivating experience. The performance of Alexandra Gravas is truly transformative; not only is her singing exquisite in every respect – her phrasing, timing, and range are all outstanding – but her interpretation of the music and texts shows both sensitivity and insight."

Peter S. Allen



"It is not easy these days to find in theaters something as elegant and simple and also as deeply moving as this performance is. The selection of contemporary musical interpretations of Cavafy's poetry was novel and carefully arranged: one song-poem, or poem-song follows the other seamlessly, only interrupted by the brief and helpful reflections of Prof. Lambropoulos. But most of all it was Alexandra Gravas' warm voice and her expressive scenic presence that filled the theater with emotion. The nuances and sensitivity of her singing made these compositions truly unforgettable. The pianist was very able too. Thank you."


Pura Nieto


"First, I greatly enjoyed the organization of the program: it progressed from more demanding pieces for the audience (like the Mitropoulos) to more "melodious" ones like the Plessas and Theodorakis ones. I also greatly enjoyed the final improvisational piece, and placing it last means the program rises at a pinnacle and ends there. A very nice relationship with the audience evolves during the concert, who gradually warm up to the different renditions of Cavafy, and the performances side by side of the same poem set to music by different composers are another highlight. Finally, your presence on stage is truly "epivilitki" ('imposing' doesn't quite mean the same I feel) and everything, from your posture, your walk and the way you used the space and at on the couch to your face and facial expressions and audible sighs between pieces works to create an impression of a full human being behind the voice, a three-dimensional artistic personality."


Marina Terkourafi